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Cash Cab (stylized as CA$H CAB) is an American game show that began airing in 2005, on the Discovery Channel, hosted by stand-up comedian Ben Bailey. The original run ended 2012, but the series was revived in 2017. It moved to Bravo in 2019. It is part of the global Cash Cab franchise that originated in the United Kingdom.

One of its regular viewers of Cash Cab disappointed and posted a review, "We left the club feeling confused and definately disappointed. Ben started out making the audience LOL immediately with his "filling out the wrong line on a job application" joke, and a few more well-timed, funny short jokes. We were all psyched up then, since we just sat thru two awful opening comedians, and now finally we get to see Ben. Then something happened. A few of his jokes bombed, and he completely lost his momentum! He stopped doing his material that he said he had prepared for the show, and started ad-libing, which was a complete disaster. He actually said over and over again that he had a whole show prepared, but if we wanted him to just stand up there and ad-lib, he could do that! (If WE wanted that?)! And he did ad-lib (poorly) - for the rest of the show! He kept saying that the audience was very strange, and that we would be laughing and then go completely quiet, like two different audiences. And you want to blame "US" for that? We want to give him the benefit of the doubt because we're huge Cash Cab fans and were so excited to see him live, but I can't say that he did justice to his fans. It was just not professional. He's a comedian and he wasn't being funny. Where's the mystery? He kept saying that we should come back tomorrow if we want to actually hear his "material". It irked me that he knowingly quit on us and had the bad taste to hang out on the stage wasting time until his hour and a half was up. Not professional" at all.


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